Smart social media platform

The Insubook Smart Social Media Platform interacts with its users in a way that boosts a better relationship and proximity with their insurance companies.

 Users and insurance companies will save a lot of money.

 Also a lot of time: a set of tools allows you to interact in a virtual environment in the most natural way, uploading your insurance securely and at your immediate disposal anytime.

 At last, one simple way to help avoid more trouble and worries related to the accidents that may happen.

 And in short, improving people's quality of life, making them more organized, effective and productive


In-Cloud is a tool that allows the users to upload their insurance policies just by using a scanner or taking a picture of them. In In-Cloud the users will be able to keep and have access to their insurance policies at any time and wherever they may be.

This tool will analyze all the information gathered from the insurance policies once they have been scanned or photographed with your mobile device in order to help the users choose the best insurance options for their own benefit.

Op-Scan is a tool designed to examine the preferences and opinions from Insubook users in order to advise them accordingly as well as the insurance companies themselves.

Tool that helps and guides users to easily manage accident claims of unexpected hits that may happen. Only using their mobile device, users will take pictures of the accident sending them to their personal account so that Insubook can interact with different insurance companies. Sin-Scan helps you when you need it most.

An Accumulated Points Reward System for Insubook users: for every invitation you sent to sign up for an Insubook account you receive virtual points on your personal account. The more new members you attract the more chances to get offers and even to take out your insurance for free you will get.

An innovative system for new-generation vehicles interchanging information between Insubook and the insurance companies.

Helps to control your insurance price monthly. In-Stats makes sure you have access to a full range of options to help you build the right insurance program for your insurance needs.

Its mission is to offer a high quality insurance customer service for our users.